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Meet Aditya Patil, Product Management Intern, Research & Development

After growing up in the Bay Area, I packed my bags and moved to Canada to attend the University of Waterloo. After doing consulting, engineering, and sales internships in both Toronto and San Francisco, I found my calling in listening to my customers, finding out what they need, and shaping the path to executing whatever needs to be done to bring them value.  This led me to targeting a career in Product Management, where I hope to help find and build synergies between both the engineering and business side of products. Outside of work you can find me getting lost in the wonders of California’s hiking trails or in the gym picking up really heavy things.  

How was your first week?

Despite having customer meetings and sessions to present, my mentor and manager still found time to set me up with my first assignment, and provide me with resources to get started. From day one on the job, I was expected to be self-sustaining and deliver.  I believe this trust and immediate responsibility complemented by team members ready to offer support is at the core of Informatica’s culture.  Everyone, whether it was another product manager or vice-president,  took the time to meet with me and answer any questions I had, regardless of how simple or complex.  Data scientists told me about their analytical process and how they hyper tuned their models, and senior domain leaders gave me feedback on how to refine my deliverables to become more customer friendly.  When my team returned from Informatica World, we were already in the process of refining my project so it could be put in front of customers.  

I got the chance to take on challenges and participate in projects that I saw first-hand make an impact.  I helped build a ROI calculator for the Enterprise Data Catalog (EDC), providing the sales team with a tool to help build a business case when selling to customers.  When it was used in its first deal to help close a prospective customer, I found myself with a feeling of overwhelming nervousness combined with excitement.  When I suggested a new product feature, rather than dismissing the idea, my mentor helped me cultivate and refine the idea into something that could be added to the roadmap.  He guided me through thinking about the feature not just from a technical perspective focusing on its functionality, but also from a business-oriented perspective in regard to how it would be marketed to and adopted by users.

We built products and friendships.

The recruiting team helped coordinate a stellar schedule of activities to make sure we played just as hard as we worked.  Through the numerous activities we did ranging from escape rooms to socials where we stuffed our faces full of ice cream and candy, the team worked to build a sense of community amongst the interns.  This was especially important with the various backgrounds of the Informatica interns.  While some companies hire interns from only a few schools each summer, our intern class had over 20 schools represented from across the globe. We didn’t just make new LinkedIn connections or Facebook friends, but rather friends for life.

The experience.

It has been a summer full of experiences and challenges, which have helped me grow both personally and professionally.  I found myself put in situations where I had to ask myself “how the heck do I solve this problem?”  What sets apart Informatica as a place to grow as a professional is not the market it plays to, the great perks, or the company structure; but rather the people.   By the end of the internship, I didn’t just have my mentor connecting me to people whom he thought may be helpful, but rather I had built my own network of individuals from across the organization. The cross functional work allowed me to make contacts from not just my R&D organization, but also from business units such as Marketing and Legal.  No matter what team we were on, we were all part of the same Informatica team, and ready to help each other any way we could.

Whether it was catching a home run ball at a Giants game, learning to use a jackhammer during our volunteer event, or sitting in a war room setting with Product Managers deciding how to best deliver the next product release; Informatica gave me a plethora of memoriesThe company nurtures a culture of enablement where anyone and everyone from your fellow interns to SVPs of organizations are ready to help in any way they can to help you make a lasting impact on the company.

My one piece of advice to you if you get an offer for an internship at Informatica?

Immediately ask, “where do I sign?”

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