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Marketing at Informatica is especially exciting in this era of digital transformation and using data to refine messaging in order to become more important to customers. It's about being with a customer at the right time on their journey and offering them the information they need to help them make that next step right, and that allows for marketers to have those relevant engagements with the right offer, at the right time, and with the right information to allow their customers take the next best action.

Our team has several specialties:

  • Brand Marketing and Creative Services
  • Corporate Communications
  • Digital Marketing
  • Field Marketing
  • Market Research & Analysis
  • Product Strategy & Marketing
  • Regional Marketing

If you want to be in the vanguard of marketing technology and technique, Informatica is the perfect environment for you.  Unleash your potential, and come join us today!

Current Openings – Marketing

Job Title Location Requisition No.
Competitive Intelligence Associate Bangalore, Karnataka IN 30311
Director, Platform Marketing Redwood City, California US 30445
Director, Technical Marketing Redwood City, California US 30222
Marketing Development Representative Austin, Texas US 30364
Principal Pricing Analyst City, US 30499
Product Launch Associate Bangalore, Karnataka IN 30386
Senior Manager, Growth Marketing Redwood City, California US 30406
Senior Manager, Growth Marketing Redwood City, California US 30407
Senior Pricing Operations Specialist City, US 30501
Senior Web Analyst Redwood City, California US 30266
Technical Marketing Manager Bangalore, Karnataka IN 29979
Vice President, Digital Marketing Redwood City, California US 29759
Video Producer Redwood City, California US 30404
Web Producer Bangalore, Karnataka IN 30255
Web Visual and UX Designer Redwood City, California US 29760

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