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Five years ago, the Informatica Toronto office joined the internship recruiting program that is run by Informatica University Programs Team. The University Program Team supports campus events, presentations, and the student interns.

Through the internship program, Informatica works with major Canadian universities, including the University of Waterloo, the University of Toronto, Queen’s University, and the University of British Columbia.

Interns quickly became an integral part of our team, contributing to every product release. Our current interns work alongside developers and product managers to develop the Enterprise Cloud version of MDM.

They also practice the soft skills that are so important to career development, such as communication skills, people skills, and social skills. Interns build a positive and lasting association with Informatica, and we are always excited when a top-notch intern accepts an invitation to join Informatica as a full-time employee.

In their own words, here is what the students say about their internships:

Hazik Afzal – Product Manager (former intern)

Although I have only recently started working full-time in this role, I have been part of the Informatica family since over a year ago when I did a co-op for a similar role.

As part of my post-secondary education, I have had the opportunity to experience six 4-month long co-op terms. The best experience that I had was when I worked at Informatica as a Product Manager intern.

When I joined as a co-op, I felt like I was part of the team since day one. I was given responsibilities and task assignments that had real impact on the project that the team was working on. The attitude and atmosphere was such that anyone was approachable and there was a strong sense of belonging to the same team.

From conversations with other Informatica co-ops, I have found this to be a common sentiment. Just like product features I have drafted and worked on made it into the product, other dev co-ops have written code for major features that have shipped to customers.

In order to reach this goal, you must be in an environment that can nurture your professional growth and skills. Critically, there is also a great deal of trust that has to be put on you. These are all things I found that the Informatica team does for their co-ops and full-time employees equally.

Guohao Yan – Software Engineer (former intern)

I was a computer science major student at University of Toronto. During school years, I participated internship program, I was glad to have the opportunity to work as an intern at Informatica.

I really loved the experiences as a developer here. Great scrum teams that are helpful, friendly, engaged! Together, we have solved many challenges that we were facing, and made significant progress developing version 10.2. I have also learned many technologies that are completely new to me. I also learned and mastered them to industry standards, and that helped to improve my skills in great deal.

Throughout the year, I learned the importance of MDM and the fact that Informatica is the leading company to provide the solutions. I’m happy to have the chance work with the talented people on the products.

Overall, Informatica has everything that attracts me: the greatest people, the best products. That’s why I decided to join Informatica right after graduation. Now, I’m a full-time developer at Toronto office enjoying what I do.

William Lam, Product Manager intern

Impact, flexibility, belonging. There are many reasons why being a co-op at Informatica is incredible, but for me at least it comes down to the three core factors above.

Every job advocates for providing impactful work, but among my last three co-ops, Informatica was the first company to offer start-to-finish “real-world” impact.

However, it is not all work on the job. Built from the community of employees, the office is a warm and welcoming environment that promotes work-life balance. Offering flexibility and understanding, co-ops are able to contribute the most they can without the unnecessary baggage of bureaucracy and stress.

Without a doubt, Informatica is an amazing company to co-op at and I hope that we can live up to the opportunity provided and contribute to building Informatica as the leader of Master Data Management.”

Jerry Wang, Engineering intern

Informatica is a great place to get realistic work experience in an excellent learning environment. There is always someone willing to answer any questions that you have; there will be a lot of them, because co-op students work on the same work as everyone else, including fixes to major bugs and implementation of features, some of which are designed completely by the student from the requirements.

Informatica is an exciting opportunity in which there is always something new to look forward to and important accomplishments to look back at.

Nathan Liu, Engineering intern

My co-op at Informatica has been one of my most fulfilling and rewarding experiences.

At Informatica, there is no distinction between interns and full-time employees. You are treated as a real employee, and as such, have real duties and deadlines. The work that I do feels very impactful to the company, so I am expected to put my best work forward.

Informatica appreciates these comments from our Toronto interns, and looks forward to every new co-op term. The outgoing interns leave with an expanded skill set, real-world experience, and the knowledge that their efforts are included in the next release of the product. The incoming interns energize the team, and bring fresh ideas to our products. Talk about a win-win!

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