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How to Interview Like a STAR

Candidate experience is paramount in everything we do. Our hiring process is simple. You will always start by speaking with a recruiter, followed by the hiring manager/team member.

When you interview with us, you can expect to speak to several people to not only better assess your fit with us, but also our fit with you. Our aim is to make the process as streamlined as possible for you and your busy schedule.

How to best prepare for your interview

Our interview approach is called situational interviewing style. The premise is that your past success is a likely indicator of your future success. So we want to hear how you have been successful in your previous roles or, as a student, in your classwork and projects. Be prepared to talk about past experiences or projects that you have worked on that will give interviewers better insight into who you are and what you can do.

The best way to answer questions is to frame your answer as shown below. The STAR model helps you tell a crisp and clear story and gives Informatica in-depth information about how you approach challenges, solve problems, collaborate with team members, and relate to customers. If you wish to further research on how to prepare, click here.

  • Situation – provide context and background for your reply
  • Task – describe the problems or challenges you faced
  • Action – explain what you did, how, and why
  • Results – state the benefits, rewards, savings, or recognition your actions created

This is your opportunity to know about us, so come prepared with a few questions you want answers to! Have at least a half dozen questions ready to show that you’ve done your homework.

How to Dress

Informatica is a business casual environment, so typically you won’t need a full business suit. Dress as you believe will be appropriate for the people you will be meeting. 

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