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Informatica from an Intern’s Perspective

Yashika was a third-year B.E. student at Chitkara University when she joined Informatica through campus placements as an intern in July 2016. She is currently a part of the Product Integration Team in MDM.

Over the past year, Yashika has gained practical, hands-on experience, forged new friendships, and has had her fair share of challenges and accomplishments. Here is what she has to say about her transformative internship at Informatica:

From college lectures to office meetings …
“An internship with a well-established company is a brilliant source of knowledge and experience. As with most experiences in life, things do not usually go as planned, but sometimes end up leaving you with something useful and worthwhile, often better than what you had anticipated. At first, I was slightly nervous about the mandate and working conditions and was unsure of what to expect. After all, in many ways, I was in unchartered waters.
“Over the past few months, these butterflies have paved the way for an incredible and unique experience that has emphatically affected my ambitions for the future. Over the course of this internship, there was no dearth of ‘Ah!’ moments. Watching all the concepts that I learned in college being applied in the workplace was one of them. That has not only motivated me to improve my skill set more (with a direction this time) but has also allowed me to reflect back on everything that I learned in those three years.
“Since day one, I’ve loved it here at Informatica.
“I can still recall my first day in its entirety. I remember waiting eagerly to meet my manager and the other team members. Being warmly welcomed and introduced to the entire team by my ‘buddies’ and the manager asking my teammates to help the interns to adjust to the new environment calmed some nerves. The most stirring moment of the first day that I can look back on is the one of sitting at my desk and telling myself that I indeed made it. Trust me, it was a huge deal for a third-year college student and as I mentioned before, The ‘Ah!’ moment.
“I’ve been a part of the automation team and learned both UI and back-end automation.  Also, I got to see how the whole product development cycle works. I have also had a chance to work in the last few days of a product release which required me to be quick enough to grasp the details of what it was about and test some of its features efficiently.
“The work environment warrants a mention. My team has a great culture of accomplishment and no barriers to getting things done. Ideally, a job consists of a workplace where one can grow not only professionally but intellectually, where one’s ideas are received well by the fellow teammates. I must say I was provided with an environment that well and truly helped me grow both personally and professionally. It has been very exciting working alongside people from different cultures and countries.
“As an intern, the nature of my job and the work environment was more or less relaxed. On the serious side of it, I could communicate with colleagues effectively without worrying about the typical business jargon. All the team members have been cooperative, helpful and considerate. I have made friends and enjoyed working with them. It is often said that time flies when you’re having fun. At the office, day in and day out, it did and still does. And I am having a good time.
“But as they say, the universe is perfectly aligned for life, with some fine tunings of course. I’ve had my share of fine tunings. There have been days when the work was harder than I anticipated and I’ve had my own weak moments. So all in all, I have learned to stay put and focus more on the outcome of my efforts rather than the efforts it takes to reach the goal. Also, I’ve been through ambivalent situations where I would be baffled and would have no clue on what the right decision would be, have made blunders, learned from my mistakes and derived some great takeaways from those situations.
“All of this has noticeably transformed me in more ways than one. I feel very glad to have had this opportunity to spend the last year of college interning here.
“The biggest challenge for me – but also one of the best things – is that the company is at a point where things are changing, and there is a lot at stake. But this is proving to be interesting and worthwhile, a great growing experience. With the constant support from my manager and my teammates, I have been able to do my job well. I have been motivated to keep pushing myself beyond my limits and learn as much as I can.
“To sum up, my experience at Informatica has been nothing less than amazing.
“I have learned to be comfortable with receiving intimidating and overwhelming tasks and take them in my stride without getting stressed or losing confidence. Although it has been hard living away from my hometown and the people I’ve always been with, I can safely say all of this was worth the effort. Bangalore is my home away from home. It has been difficult adapting to the corporate environment coming straight from college, but it has been wonderful in every way.  Being a part of Informatica has truly been one of the best things that has happened to me.”

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