Our Vision​

You have a voice

At Informatica we know diversity drives innovation, but diversity alone does not guarantee inclusion, equality or a deep sense of belonging. Which is why everyone at Informatica has a voice; we see, hear, value and respect you for who you are.​

How will you use your voice? 

Our North Star​

“This is a journey, not a marketing effort. It is my intention that the ideals of inclusion, diversity, equality, and belonging become embedded in Informatica’s DNA, and that together, we develop the muscle memory to make a difference in the world and for each other.”​

Amit Walia, CEO Informatica

Our Pillars​

Inclusion: Encouraging and acknowledging all perspectives ​

Diversity: Appreciating seen and unseen differences in each other, collectively and as individuals

Equity: Ensuring fair and equal access to opportunities and resources

Belonging: Seeing, hearing, valuing and respecting people for who they are 

Our Employee Communities​

Somos Informatica (Si):

Develops a network of employees for camaraderie, community, and advancement through the pillars of development, recruitment, retention and fun for the Hispanic/LatinX community within Informatica and its allies.

Informatica Black Resource Group:

Grows and helps employees who identify as Black, African American, West Indian or as being of African descent maximize their potential.

Informatica PRIDE Alliance:

Builds a supportive, affirming, and safe atmosphere where lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and asexual (LGBTQIA+) employees and allies are welcomed with open arms.

Women in Revenue:

Elevates and empowers women in revenue generation roles; fosters growth through collaboration, coaching, and connecting with each other and allies.


Women in Technology (WiT):

Creates a platform that supports, empowers and helps grow women in technological functions at Informatica and women who are interested in transitioning into technical roles


Our Voices

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