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Informatica is committed to lifelong relationships with you. Come join 3000-plus former colleagues in benefiting from the INFAlumni Network. Reconnect, stay in touch, expand your network and receive news, invitations and the latest business insights.


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Informatica strongly believes that its alumni, are great brand ambassadors. We constantly acknowledge and value the contribution of our alumni to help make this organization a great place to work.

  • Join the INFAlumni Network to have better insight on what's happening at Informatica. The focus of this network is to continue to foster the relationships built over time and connect with amazing individuals and benefit from each other’s experience
  • We're looking to hire Alumni
    • We're always looking to reconnect with alumni who have left the company
    • Joining our network will give you an opportunity to stay connected with our Talent Acquisition Team
  • Find out about the latest Informatica stories, news, and events
  • Refer your old colleague to join our group by signing up with us
    • Since you were last with us, a lot has changed, and we encourage you to join the network to see why you should join us again
    • We would love to reconnect with you to hear about your new skills that you have obtained since you were last with us, as we may have new career opportunities available for you to explore with us

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